Milwaukee Events Security Services LLC

We Specialize in all Services, we are a family owned small service provider who all have work in this field for over 10+ years. We have now established a local small base company for the Milwaukee and surrounding areas , we are a diversity, and equality Company, with about 50 employees who are all trained in CPR/First Aid/AED, Universal Precaution, Fire and Safety Trained and Certified, we also have mobile Patrol Services, along with Escort Services for all needs, We have a line of experience employees who all have a background of Security, Military, Events, and retired Police Officers.

We are not in the security field for competition with others, we are here to provide the greatest services our Clients are employing and trusting us to provide for them.

Quote: ***If the Clients is happy, then we know we are doing are Job!***

  • Professional Speak when spoking to maintain eye contact.

  • Reliable Always be on-time and ready to do the Job.

  • Dedicated Take control of what you do and be proud of it.

  • Excellent Service Represent your Employer, and also the Client.

  • Responsible Hold yourself accountable and or others.

Our Mission

Make a change, and not a mess. Resolve an issue and don't create a problem. Approach all situation with professionalism.

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